Coffee .tea, beer, wine, etc will be served at the right temperature


Different kind of bread with meats, cheese egg, sweets and a salad, Coffee and tea

Ships-- Lunch

The fish special includes; fresh mixed salad, shrimps, eel, smoked salmon and haring
Different kinds of bread and served with a white wine
The cheese board includes many delicious cheeses and a mixed salad
Fine wine is available

Light lunch: Soup and a tuna salad with French bread
Normal lunch: Different kinds of bread with cheese meats fish and sweets

Ships diner

An extensive BBQ;    9 different kinds of meats with different sauces, hot potato, corn and 4 different salads and French bread
An extensive Indonesian dish; 5 kinds of meat, different kinds of vegetable, rice.

Cheese fondue: great Swiss cheese fondue with French bread and salad

Pasta with salad and bread


Toast with 6 different kinds of cheese                                              
Toast with 4 different kinds of fish
Prices : Minimum 6 persons   




Ships cake                                          2.00  a piece
Breakfast                                           11.00 p.p.
Lunch fish                                          22.50 p.p.
Lunch cheese                                     19.50 p.p.
Light lunch                                        12.50 p.p.
Normal lunch                                     14.50 p.p.
BBQ                                                  25.00 p.p.
Indonesian dish                                 23.50 p.p.
Cheese fondue                                   13.50 p.p.
Surprise pasta                                     12.50 p.p.
Toast cheese                                         7.50 p.p.
Toast fish                                             8.50 p.p.
Coffee, tea ,soft drinks                        1.75 p.p.
Beer wine                                             2.00 p.p.
Fine wine                                           14.50 bottle
Please assignment 1 week in advance before sailing
Would you like something else on the menu, just asked.

Schipper Marco van der StaaijSchipper
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