Sailing on the IJsselmeer

Air, water and wind, enjoyment, relaxation, simply enjoy.

All the ingredients for sailing on the IJsselmeer.

Sunset Sail Charter offers you the opportunity to experience the ultimate sense of sailing on the IJsselmeer with her sailing ship

 'Lady Gerdina'. Sailing on the IJsselmeer offers unparalleled possibilities.

During the daytime, we can offer you beautiful tours that could end in one of the historic and romantic ports off the IJsselmeer.

During the sailing trips you can operate the sails, and together determine the course . Sailing on the IJsselmeer are a great experience, and it will take your routine away from home and work.

Sailing for a weekend or sailing for a day with family, friends, business trip, bachelor day or to strengthen your relationships with your business relations.

Also, the inside person is not forgotten without a snack and a drink we can offer you lunch and end the day with a BBQ on board of the ship.

When the weather lets us down and you can sit in our cozy cabin, you can enjoy what happens on the water, because our Tjalk has also big windows and not just portholes.

Our sailing trips for a day sailing is possible up to 12 people. For a weekend sailing, the Vrouwe Gerdina has 12 sleeping places.

Of course our sailing charter (Tjalk 1891) is equipped with all modern sailing and safety measures.

You can request a quotation without obligation and our availability calendar.


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Our sailing fleet has been expanded with a luxury catamaran .This offers the possibility to sail from Makkum on the IJsselmeer or weekend sailing with the company, singles, friends or family in the Wadden Sea for a day. 

The Lady Gerdina or the Catamaranis ideal for small groups up to 12 people 

Also sailing combination of sailing and kitesurfing in 

Learn to kitesurf is very popular with a bachelor party. 

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Zeilen op het Ijselmeer of Markermeer
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